Monday, May 25, 2009

Eventful week...

When Jordan and I lived together, before Mr. Caden, we always use to complain about how we never went and did things. We really didn't have the money and we both worked full time so we were tired and wanted to relax on the weekends. It is weird how things turn out because now we have a baby and I have no job which equals no income, however, we are finding ourselves doing more fun and adventurous things than ever before. A lot of this is due in part to Caden's wonderful grandparents. Jordan's mom and dad and my mom and Steve help out a tremendous amount to allows us to go do things, we are extremely grateful. 

Last weekend Mary (Jordan's mom), Caden and myself took a trip to the small town of Bedias, TX so Caden could meet his Great Grandpa Charlie and Caden's second cousin. Jordan's cousin Brady had a baby with his girlfriend just a month after Caden was born so that should make trips to Bedias more fun and exciting for Caden as he gets older, he will have a good friend there. We will just call Brendyn (sp), Caden's cousin. Now remember, he is 1 month younger than Caden but you can't tell because he is a BIG boy.

It was fun to see them interact together, it will only get more interesting as time goes on.

We had a very good time this weekend starting on Friday. Somehow I managed to convince Jordan to go play tennis with me in front of his neighborhood. Jordan's brother Justin and his girlfriend Katie decided to join us. We played for about two hours. My whole intention of playing tennis was to workout while having fun, and that is exactly what it was, granted I was running all over the place because Katie had never played tennis before either so our balls never went where we wanted them to go. On Saturday night we actually went and played BINGO. They opened up a bingo hall right around the corner from Jordan's house and I thought how much fun that would be. That it was, we both loved it. Unfortunately bingo is addicting and we went back Sunday night as well, Justin joined us this time. We have yet to win a penny. 

Sunday Jordan's whole family went back up to Bedias for a family fishing trip. Jordan's grandfather owns a ton of land in Bedias with ponds and cattle, it is beautiful.

Monday, May 18, 2009


The whole reason I originally started this blog was for my wonderful grandparents in England since they cannot be here to personally experience the precious moments. I am going to take this time to catch them and everyone else up on the first days.

In an earlier post I put up what I was thinking the nursery theme would be. I changed my mind and this is in fact my actual nursery.

The very first picture of my sweet baby boy! He was born at 6:18 p.m. at 6 lbs 7 oz. on January 8, 2009

Here is Caden, our first night with him at the hospital, we didn't get much sleep to say the least!

Here is my tiny baby!

Enough spare time to blog...

so, now that I have enough spare time to blog, that is what I shall do. I lost my job recently due to mass layoffs at my company...that is what I get for working in oil and gas. I can't complain though because now I get to spend alll of my time with my precious little one. Right before I went back to work Caden was almost 3 months old. It was kind of an awkward age (which I loved every minute of) but because he was rarely sleeping but constantly needing to be entertained it was difficult because he could hardly hold up his own head. I would recline the chair, put my legs up and rest him on my legs so he could be right in front of my face, we would just talk for hours (or I would). Caden is now at suuccch a fun age, I love it. He is talking and laughing and jumping! Just a week and a half ago the doctor told us to start feeding him rice cereal with a spoon. He said to keep him on rice cereal for a week and then move to a vegetable like squash...that we did. 

as you can see....squash didn't go over so well. We will eventually get the hang of it, next week we will move on to applesauce...hoping that will go down a little better.