Sunday, October 4, 2009

world class traveler

As many of you know, Jordan, Caden, myself and my mother all headed to England this past Friday. It was an extremely long flight for all of us but I do have to admit Caden didn't do so bad. He slept most of the time, unfortunately his car seat on the plane didn't come into much use and his daddy had to hold him the whole time. This is a picture of Caden and Jordan right after getting on the plane:

After we landed in England we had a driver waiting at Heathrow to take us to my grandparents house. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive until we got there, poor Caden. Once we arrived at my grandparents house we were just very happy to see them and they finally got to meet Caden! The weather is absolutely wonderful here. At night it gets pretty cold though. We decided to take Caden for a stroll down the street last night so he could experience the cold weather.

Even dressed in his fleece, footed pajamas and Burberry jacket, it was still too cold for him!

Sleeping the first night didn't work out too well for any of us because our schedule was so messed up from flying. Caden didn't get to bed until around 12 or 1 and then slept 8 hours and woke up ready for the day.

We started the Sunday adventure by going to a country pub called the Wheel and Compass. It was a very old, beautiful pub.

You can tell by the height of the door just how old this pub is, Jordan is just about 5' 11" and he would most likely bump his head

Beautiful beams all throughout the pub

Caden loving on his Great-Grandfather

Jordan and Caden fighting over the teether

Beautiful view from the back area of the pub

That would be my brilliant Uncle Gary and Jordan racing on the stationary toys

Before we left the pub, Caden had to try out the swing and as you can see, he loved it!

After we had lunch we headed over to Foxton Locks, if you don't know what locks it. It's quite fascinating and I don't have time to explain it but I do have pictures!

I guess this is kind of like the English version of campers or mobile homes because people live in these

Some what of a work out climbing up the hill to the top of the locks

Heading back down the hill and heading home to get some rest for some kind of new adventure tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed our adventures as much as we did, the plan for tomorrow is for Jordan to go fishing with my grandfather and his neighbor while us women go shopping in town. I will try to post tomorrow as well as everyday I am here.