Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, yesterday we took Caden to the doctor for his 6 month check up even though he is now closer to 7 months. He got three shots (not fun)! However, the most important part of this post is his measurements....he is HUGE! He is in the 95 percentile with his height 28 1/2" tall and in the 75 percentile with his weight. The doctor told us that the 75 sounds like a high number but since he is soooo tall, he is still a thin baby. He really doesn't have too much baby fat on him. It is looking like Caden is going to get the tall genes from his daddy's family. Not Jordan obviously but his grandfather and uncles are all over 6' 3"! Not to mention his feet look like a toddler's feet, definitely not a 7 month old boys!

Other then all that measurement talk...Caden is a perfectly healthy "huge" little boy! With two teeth!

Monday, July 27, 2009

short, sweet and right to the point!


He really wants to show you because he is very proud of his first baby tooth coming in, and if you look close enough
you can see that his second one is not that far behind


These little things keep happening here and there and it makes me so happy because my little baby boy is slowly but surely turning into a little boy but it also makes me kind of sad because my little baby boy is slowly but surely turning into a little boy. If you're a mom, you know what I mean!

I still have no means of transportation, my car is not even being worked on right now! I dislike this insurance company I am having to work with. It has been 3 weeks, I have given them a police report and even did a power point presentation showing them exactly what happened! Still........nothing. In good time I suppose.

Sorry this post is so short but I have much needed cleaning to do and very little time!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

nap time = blog post

Caden just now went down for his big nap today, usually he has one in the morning but that just wasn't the case today. Hopefully he will get some much needed rest. I think we might be making a big move to crawling here pretty soon, he has almost perfected the needed position

Caden can also sit up all by himself without support for quite some time now, he is doing wonderful

This week has been a pretty stressful week for me because we are stuck at home all day, not being able to go anywhere. Hopefully I will have a car by next week though. This weekend is going to be pretty laid back, the only plans we have are going to a movie. Dad and Mary Lee wanted to be the first pick of babysitters this weekend, they don't get to see Caden enough. My original plans were to head down to Galveston on Saturday to celebrate my best friend's birthday but without a car it is near impossible. I am going to go to dinner with her and her family on Sunday though so at least I will get to celebrate a birthday event with her.

We have an appointment set for next week to get Caden and Jordan their passports, we are one step closer to making it to England in October. It should be interesting riding on a plane with a 9 month old for 9 hours, and by interesting I mean horrible. It will be worth every minute though because Caden will get to meet his English Great Grandparents!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jordan's First Father's Day!

So I know that Father's Day was last month but I would like to share with everyone what I did to celebrate this big day for Jordan. Take a look at Jordan's new coffee table book!

Minor Accident

Some of you may already know that I was involved in a minor accident last Friday on my way to Caden's 6 month check up. I was leaving my neighborhood, going through the gate when someone came right in front of me doing a u-turn from the entrance side of my neighborhood. Everyone is fine and no one was injured. The other driver is at fault and we are in the process of working with his insurance company. My car is not safe to drive because the tire is rubbing on the frame of my car. I cannot wait to get a loaner. Here is a picture of the damage:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Doodle!

You read it right...Caden Joseph (AKA Doodle) is 6 months old as of July 8th! So I decided to celebrate his half birthday by going out and getting a really, really nice starter SLR camera (this does in fact have to deal with Caden completely....he is my prime subject of photography). I have been thinking about getting an SLR camera for years! Now I have all the more reason to go for it. Here is the new addition to the family:

The new Nikon D5000

I feel like somewhat of a traitor, I used to be all about Canon. I have had a canon point-and-shoot for a while now and it is my favorite little purse accessory. I also have an HD video camera for recording all of Caden's special moments in lift and I am quite fond of that as well. I started to do research and kept on coming up with the same answers to the biggest difference between Canon and Nikon, it was always "It's mainly just personal preference." Well as you can see, I guess my personal preference shifted after talking to a couple of people and seeing actual photos. Here is a little preview of what the Nikon can do (It can definitely do much, much more when in the hands of the right/experienced person).

And of course I have to include pictures of the half year old boy!!!