Thursday, December 17, 2009


Imagine a world where your mother doesn't live anywhere close to you. And I am not talking a few states away, I am talking a 10 hour time difference. Like all the way across the ocean, and then some. I am talking about Abu Dhabi. The thought kinda makes my stomach hurt. In case you don't know where Abu Dhabi is....let me fill you in

That little red bubble with the "A" in it....yeah, that's Abu Dhabi!

Honestly thought, if my mother and my step father were going to be going anywhere in the Middle East, I am glad it is this city. I have been looking at pictures, and well....this isn't so bad!

Honestly though, it is almost selfish of me to get so upset about it because it is my mother and my step father that are really sacrificing so much. They will no longer get to watch their grandson grow up in front of their eyes, we will now be limited to Skype.

This whole Abu Dhabi situation isn't a for sure thing yet, but my Step Father's job might be sending my family that way. They will find out in a matter of days and then just like that, they will have to start making travel arrangements. It is something that would happen very fast. When my mom told me that it would happen fast, the first thing I imagined was myself standing there, mouth gaping open in the same place from the time she told me they were leaving to them walking out the door. My mother and I are very close, and it does make me horribly sad to think she might not be a part of my every day life. Right now we live with them. If they are to go, then they would be relying on us to take care of their house for them. They would be gone a total of 5 years, so we would be living in their house for five years. Rent free, just taking care of the utilities.

What would you do if your parents told you they were moving across the world?

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The Hall Family said...

Hi there! Love the blog!! Im ready to print mine out, crinkle it up and throw it away.

My mom and step dad moved from texas to california about 4 years ago. I am close with my mom, and was really devastated as well, but now we have an amazing place to visit every summer.

There will be new fond memories, a time of growth and change, and then a time to all be together again! Life is interesting and everyones stories are so different and unique.

See ya next week BFFEAEAEAE!! LOL!!